Coffins And Caskets

Sales & Workshop for Coffins and Caskets

When customers request for it, Precious Funeral Services creates custom coffins and caskets. We design a casket specifically for the person being honoured that reflects who they are.

Coffins and Caskets Categories


The interior of prestigious coffins / Caskets is lined with velvet, and steel casting can be added to make it more opulent. The finishing is detailed. We have a wide selection of Prestigious Coffins with the best colours and materials at Precious Funeral Services. We can also accommodate any customization or personalization requirements.


We offer a wide selection of executive coffins that are constructed using only the best materials and to the highest standards.

Executive Coffins

Standard Coffins are expertly made and designed to be one of a kind.

Standard Coffins

The entry-level coffins, known as classic coffins, are well made and affordable for you and your loved ones.

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