Welcome to Precious Funeral Services for Classic Coffins, Burial Accessories,Hearse Vehicles and Repatriation Services.

Always at your service in your time of need.We are proud to embrace traditional values, diversity and innovation in honoring the spirit and life of each person we serve.!

Letting go of a loved one is usually a very difficult process. In order to provide your family peace-of-mind, Precious Funeral Services offers complete care, so you can focus on comforting each other as you prepare to say goodbye to someone dear to you.

Precious funeral Services prides itself on the functionality and appearance of our facilities. The flexibility and layout allow us to give our client a quick guided tour of our variety of coffins to choose and we can guide you through the many options and considerations to help you determine the arrangements that suits your needs.

Celebrate life and honour every memory

When only memories remain, let them be beautiful.

Our passion is to provide loving, experienced care and support when you can’t be there. We observe traditions and create the most loving, peaceful, and heartwarming atmosphere for every family to say their last farewells. We know how important it is to rely on funeral homes during the hardest times. We hope you will turn to us for compassionate care and impeccable service. Our pledge is to honor your loved one and family with dignity, respect and personal attention to every detail. 

Repartriation Services

If your loved one passes away in another state or in a foreign country, Precious Funeral Services makes all the necessary arrangements to bring them into our care.

Our highly experienced staff works with the airlines, cruise lines, outside states, foreign consulates, and prepares all documentation to make the process as smooth as possible.


Incoming Repatriation

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We are dedicated to serve you all time.

Un-ending Passion

Our pledge is to honor your loved one and family with dignity, respect and personal attention to every detail.

Experienced Team

Each of the staff members is committed to providing your family with the finest in personal care.

State of the Art Equipments

Precious Funeral Services prides itself on the functionality and appearance of our facilities

Customer Focus

Everything you need for your complete funeral arrangements all under one roof all at affordable prices


We strive to ensure that the decisions you make are in the best interest of you and your family.

Quality Assurance

We take care to present and explain all your choices.Meeting your needs as well as the needs of your entire family is our first priority

A dependable, compassionate presence you can trust.

Our professional experienced team of funeral directors, services managers & assistants provides dedicated and caring support every step of the way.

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Our Partners

During our 15 years of good service, our client base increased, with a preference of packaged services. This necessitated us to partner with institutions, agencies and also got recommendations from different hospitals and instutions including: